William Horne

Lead Instructor
William Horne has trained Krav Maga throughout the southeast US and in Europe. A Fit to Fight® Black Belt, certified Fit To Fight® Level I and II, and SPARology™ instructor, he is also a certified Active Killer Defense Training Instructor, certified in Confined Space Rescue and a certified Emergency First Responder. With close to 10 years experience in Krav Maga, Fit to Fight®, and self defense, he is involved in many aspects of the program including planning and instruction of seminars or workshops, as well as directing marketing and promotion.

Helping You Stay Safe In Any Situation

Fit to Fight® Georgia is an official affiliate of Fit to Fight® - a unique brand of Krav Maga that blends self-defense with fitness. We're helping people all across our community stay safe in any situation and face life with complete self-confidence.

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