Kayce Emrich

Public Relations/FTFGA Photographer/Marketing
Kayce has been training with Fit to Fight GA for many years. She and her husband, Dustin, are very passionate about their own Personal Protection. Kayce enjoys the numerous opportunities to get on the mat with others and help them become safer in their lives, as well. During most seminars, Kayce may be found setting her own training and with a camera in her hands. She is the FTFGA Team's "official" photographer and enjoys documenting the training, which becomes rather comical at times. During her day job, Kayce works as a MRI technologist at East Georgia Regional Medical Center and receives great pleasure from taking care of her patients.

Helping You Stay Safe In Any Situation

Fit to Fight® Georgia is an official affiliate of Fit to Fight® - a unique brand of Krav Maga that blends self-defense with fitness. We're helping people all across our community stay safe in any situation and face life with complete self-confidence.

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