Dustin Emrich

Lead Instructor
Dustin Emrich is a long time student, a Krav Maga black belt and certified Fit To Fight® Krav Maga instructor. Dustin is a FTFGA Lead Instructor and is very passionate about helping others learn to protect themselves. Dustin greatly enjoys interacting with students and pushing them to better themselves. He can always be counted on to offer a good physical workout during his classes. Dustin truly believes that physical fitness is a key component to personal safety and enjoys coming up with new ways to keep the interest of students. Dustin is one of FTFGA's primary instructors, but considers himself a never ending student. He is always looking for new ideas and better ways to improve upon himself. This perpetual desire to constantly be better is what allows him to be a successful instructor and it consistently shows in the people he teaches. Dustin has worked for Georgia Power for many years and is currently serving as a Transmission Line Specialist in Savannah, GA.

Helping You Stay Safe In Any Situation

Fit to Fight® Georgia is an official affiliate of Fit to Fight® - a unique brand of Krav Maga that blends self-defense with fitness. We're helping people all across our community stay safe in any situation and face life with complete self-confidence.

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